COVID-19 -Letter to Patients

Dear Patients:


I hope you are all healthy and safe during this pandemic.  We have missed seeing you and we hope you are well.  We are approaching the next phase of this pandemic; and all of us are looking forward to resuming our normal lives.  


As we begin to understand more about Covid-19, we are more prepared to care safely for you during this time.  We anticipate to begin seeing patients the third week of June.


Your dentists have been busy making changes in their offices that will improve the safety of your treatment to address these new challenges that Covid-19 presents.  Infection control has always been a top priority in dentistry and in our office.  Our infection control processes are made so that when you receive care, it’s both safe and comfortable. 


You may see some changes when it is time for your next appointment.  We made these changes to help protect our patients and staff.  For example:


  1. We will contact you a day before your appointment to ask some screening questions.  We can forward you a questionnaire by email or assist you with one over the phone.  You’ll be asked these same questions again when you arrive on the day of your appointment. 


  1. We will ask you to attend your appointment alone unless you absolutely require someone’s assistance.  In addition, we ask you to wait in your car until we have contacted you by phone from within the office.  We do so to minimize the number of people in the office and promote social distancing.  


  1. Upon entry into the office, we will provide you with a facemask; ask you to hand sanitize; take your temperature with a touchless thermometer; and ask screening questions.  Once you are clear to proceed with your treatment, we will respectfully require that you wear your mask during the entire time that you are in the office; with the exception of during your treatment.


Appointments will be managed to allow for social distancing and air purification between patients.  This may mean fewer options for scheduling your appointments. 


We will contact every patient that has outstanding treatment within the next few weeks.  I will review each case and if you have treatment that is time sensitive and cannot wait longer, or until the next phase of the pandemic, then we will accommodate you on a priority basis.


Your treatment will begin promptly upon entry to the office and steps will be taken to expedite your departure when it is completed.  This may mean some discussions are done over the phone in order to minimize your time in office.


If you feel that you need to be seen or that your condition is urgent, please call our office and we will look after you as well.


In our office, the periodontal cleaning and maintenance appointments that can wait a few more weeks will resume in the next phase when the pandemic resolves further.  We anticipate this to be at least another month.  


Please understand that we are doing so to address time sensitive treatment; while still working to reduce the number of patients (so that patient to patient interaction is minimized) within the office at any given time.  We promise we will do our best for your safety and work to accommodate you in a timely manner.


You will also notice that we have made some structural changes at the office.  Some of these are visible, and many are not.  All of these changes were done to safely treat you and improve the air purification within our office.   I do not take risks lightly for your benefit, for the benefit of other patients, and for our office team.  


Thank you for your patience and understanding.  We will see you soon.  Please stay safe and we hope that this pandemic ends without any difficulty for you and your loved ones.  






Dr. Daniel J. Zeiter


(For more information about dentistry and Covid-19, please refer to the ODA website at